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Made in the USA
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Pair of AA to D Battery Adapters

Pair of AA to D Battery Adapters

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AA to D Battery adapters allow 2 AA Rechargeable Batteries to be a direct replacement for D Sized Batteries. 

  • 2 AA Batteries are about 60%+ as powerful as throw away D sized Batteries.
  • The advantage when used in conjunction with a GMAG Saltwater Powered Battery Charger is that they can significantly outlast the larger batteries by simply inserting a freshly charged AA Battery in the adapter.
  • Using AA Batteries with the GMAG Charger and adapters may mean that you never have to buy D sized Batteries again! I

These adapters weigh almost nothing and won't weigh you down in your Go Bag like big bulky batteries do.

Adapters are must-have items.

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