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Kayak Pack
Kayak Pack

Kayak Pack

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When you’re out on the water, you’re on your own.  What you have with you is what you have to depend on.  If you get caught in a storm or have to find a cove to spend the night, light and communications becomes very important. 

We’ve given those scenarios, and others, some serious thought.  As a result, we created the Kayak Pack.  Containing the basic version of everything needed to provide personal power essentials whenever or wherever needed – Anytime Day or Night - Our GMAG® Battery Re-Charger and 4 AA Powered USB Charger will provide all of your personal power needs.  Coupled with our UltraBright USB LED lights, the situation just becomes a little easier.

All of our major package components come with Velcro Fasteners to keep them onboard and prevent them from falling over the side. 

Kayak Pack Includes:

  • Package contains:
    • The Super GMAG® Power Cell / Bait Bubbler
    • Velcro Fasteners
    • 6 1000 mAh NiMh AA Batteries
    • 6 1000 mAh NiMh AAA Batteries
    • GMAG® USB Phone Charger Pack with USB Cords that operates from 4 AA Batteries
    • 4 pre-measured salt packs, 
    • 2 AAA to 18650 adapters
    • 6 AAA to AA battery adapters
    • 2 Ultra Bright USB LED.   
    • When a Pair PowerPucks™ is exhausted, simply remove them and replace with a new pair to recharge more batteries over and over.

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