Kold Fuzion™ 12v Water Purification System w/ Kold Fuzion Power Cell

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  • UV Water Filter System
  • Kold Fuzion Power Cell 
  • Anodes (Enough to make 1500 gallons of clean drinking water.)
  • 1 Gallons Per Minute Flow Rate
  • 3-Stage Water Purification System
  • 1m Sidement-.5m Sediment-14w Uv Chamber
  • 12V DC
  • 1/2inch NPT Inlet and Outlet Ports
  • Germicidal Ultra Violet Disinfection
  • DIMENSIONS: 14w x 14h x 5d
  • 304 Stainless Steel Chamber
  • Exceeds WHO Standards for Water Filtration
  • Lab Certified Effective

Complete 3-Stage Water Filtration System. Designed for homes on cisterns, wells, lakes, streams, and filtering rainwater catchment systems. With 3 stages of filtration it is ideal for homes, boats or rvs on a water supply with a high level of sediment and contaminants.

Stage 1:  Pre-filtration is a 1m sediment filter that removes any particles larger than 1 micron, before sending the water on to the 2nd stage.

Stage 2:  .5 micron carbon block filter which removes choline, taste and odors along with any microorganisms and any particles that could potentially provide sheltering shadows to any microorganisms.

Stage 3: Everything that is left after stage 1 and 2 are exposed to the ultraviolet light sterilization. When the water is exposed to germicidal UV in the final stage, it destroys any bacteria, algae, viruses or other harmful microorganisms which may be present in your drinking water.