Saltwater Generated Emergency Power Kit

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Our Saltwater Generated Emergency Power Kit makes power where there is no power. Anytime, Anywhere, in Any Weather - Day or Night!™

You never have to plug it in or wait for the sun to rise.

This powerful fuel cell can provides enough power to re-charge 300 AA batteries. That's 150,000mAH of power in a fuel cell with replaceable anodes that weighs about a pound.

Also includes 6 AAA NiMH Re-Chargeable Batteries, 12 AA NiMH Re-chargeable Batteries.

With all of the included accessories you can power AAA, AA, C and 18650 applications.

With the included Emergency 5v USB charger you can charge your phone, run the included Super Bright Touch LED lights or top off 5v devices.

Everything comes in a waterproof case that can be stored easily in your car, home or backpack. You will always be ready to charge your phone or light the night regardless of the emergency. means all your devices will stay powered for hours.

No matter when a blackout happens you have the emergency power you need.