Made in the USA ------- Sale Ends Tonight at 11:59PM
Made in the USA ------- Sale Ends Tonight at 11:59PM
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Triple Power GMAG MissionPack
Triple Power GMAG MissionPack

Triple Power GMAG MissionPack

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Many Missionaries are in places where there is no infrastructure for services we take for granted. 

The same is true for U.S. Military Personnel on benevolent missions throughout the world.  Faced with the same challenges, they soldier on.

GMAG MissionPack is intended to lighten the load for these dedicated people when times get tough.

 MissionPack comes with:

  • Pocket Size King James Version New Testament Bible;
  • 1 GMAG Saltwater Powered Battery Charger;
  • with one pair of Triple Powered Pucks;
  • 6 2000 mAh AA Rechargeable Batteries;
  • 12 1000 mAh AAA Rechargeable Batteries;
  • 1 USB 4 AA Powered Charger with a full range of USB connectors to charge about 1000 different items;
  • 2  9 LED (very bright) flashlights;
  • 2 AA to D Adapters;
  • 2 AA to C Adapters;
  • 6 AAA to AA Adapters; and 4 pre-measured Salt Packs.

Send one of these to your favorite Missionary or Military Member - They'll be glad you did!

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