Kold Fuzion™ Scalable Emergency/Backup Power/Remote Power Solution

Kold Fuzion™ Scalable Emergency/Backup Power/Remote Power Solution

Kold Fuzion™ Magnesium – Air Fuel Cell  (KMAG™

KMAG™ provides power from 1.7 VDC up to hundreds of volts by stacking individual cells to meet power requirements.  Our KMAG™ 3500 Watt Hour unit provides12VDC and the specific energy is 308 watt hrs/kg.  KMAG™ operates on seawater, saltwater, potable water and waste water.  KMAG™ neither contains nor produces any hazardous materials. 

KMAG™ provides affordable, convenient, portable power and offers substantial advantages over other forms of energy generation and power storage. KMAG™ is safe to use, environmentally benign and has an indefinite dry shelf life.  Using Magnesium as the power source, instead of fossil fuels, just adding water makes power instantly available.   In addition, KMAG™ can be scaled up or down to meet the power requirements during an emergency or for a host of outdoor and off the grid activities.  

KMAG™ uses a chemical reaction to produce electricity.  The power generation process is initiated by simply adding saltwater to the unit. Generally, KMAG™ has better performance characteristics than the lead acid battery and is much lighter.  In addition to weighing much less, KMAG™ has higher specific energy and energy density, can produce power longer and has a completely environmentally benign by product.

Each KMAG™ is currently designed with a range of total power output by changing the size of the replaceable anodes (fuel).  Our smallest set of anodes will produce 3,500 Watt Hours (WH) with a maximum continuous output of about 150 Watts. Continuing in about 2000 WH steps, our larger anodes create more power and our largest anodes will produce about 10,500 WH.  Using those limits, a practical result would be that the 3500 WH KMAG™ can provide a continuous output of 10 Watts to power a fan, radio or powerful light for 310 hours continuously.   The 10,500 KMAG™ will power a 50 Watt device – like a small refrigerator/freezer for about 210 hours before replacing the anodes.


KMAG™ Characteristics (as currently designed and constructed)

  • Magnesium + Saltwater + Air = Electricity
  • Indefinite dry storage life
  • Environmentally safe, not-toxic, non-carcinogenic, easily transportable
  • 12 Volts DC
  • Physical dimensions are 10.25” x 14.5” x 22”
  • Weight with electrolyte is 25 pounds
  • Specific energy is 308 Watt Hours per kilogram
  • Power output with smallest anodes is 3500 WH at maximum output of 150 Watts


Unique Features of KMAG™

  • Made from recyclable plastic
  • Inexpensive and easy to operate
  • No environmentally hazardous materials
  • Totally portable and lightweight
  • Indefinite dry storage life
  • Easily replaceable anodes and reusable electrolyte with extended shelf life
  • No degradation in a short circuit situation
  • Can be made to conform to form factor requirements
  • Scalable up or down to meet power requirements


Fuel Cell 

An Electrochemical Device that converts Chemical Energy directly to Electricity (Direct Current).  Unlike batteries, Fuel Cells do not provide cranking amps capability; however, Fuel Cells can charge batteries to provide cranking amps.  The Applications for Fuel Cells is nearly limitless.

  • Fuel

Fuel may be Hydrogen, Methanol or METAL.  Unlike batteries, which store energy and may need to be re-charged, Fuel Cells operate continuously as long as fuel is provided and they do not need re-charging. 


KMAG™ is a Powerful, Reliable and Non-Toxic fuel cell that generates electricity from Magnesium Anodes & Proprietary Cathode in a saltwater electrolyte. 


Environmental Issues

KMAG™ is environmentally friendly.  It is an alternative and renewable energy source with no greenhouse emissions, and there are no hazardous materials to discard, unlike lead/acid batteries.  KMAG™ will not explode or catch fire and its by-product is benign.

How KMAG™ Works  


         Magnesium + Air + Water + Salt = Electricity


KMAG™ vs. Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC)

  • KMAG™ is Less expensive than HFC
  • KMAG™ technology is much simpler than HFC
  • KMAG™ requires fewer components than HFC
  • Magnesium is far less volatile/combustible than Hydrogen (Much Safer)
  • No special Fuel storage needed for Magnesium
  • Fuel can either be Magnesium or Magnesium alloy, HFC must use high purity


  • Magnesium is more readily obtainable than Hydrogen for portable power


  • KMAG™ electrolyte (salt water, sea water) is more environmentally friendly and


  • KMAG™ is easily and safely transportable by plane
  • KMAG™ is more efficient than HFC (80%+ vs. 45–60%)
  • KMAG™ voltage is higher per cell than HFC (1.7v vs. 0.8v)

KMAG™ is the Perfect Scalable Choice for Power - ranging from individual units to power for Emergencies and community power for developing nations and disaster areas. 

  • Much lighter to transport than lead/acid batteries
  • Power on demand
  • High Power Density
  • Portable Power whenever and wherever needed
  • No charging required, replace anode and add water


KMAG™ weighs 25 pounds in use.  It is the perfect choice for light weight, high power density applications.

Need Power? Just Add Water!®




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