How many batteries will the unit charge?

All of our units will recharge an unlimited number of batteries by simply discarding the expended pair of PowerPucks and replacing them with a new pair. This action can be performed over and over.

Can I mix my own salt and water for electrolyte?

Yes –add 2 teaspoons of salt and add water until it dribbles out the level indicator hole on the side of the unit.

Does adding more salt improve the charging capabilities?


Does it produce any dangerous gasses?

No, it is an off the grid charger which is certified safe for recreational use.

Is the leftover electrolyte mixture dangerous?

No, it can be poured down the sink drain.

Does it get hot?

No, our emergency battery charger does not get hot, however, it does get slightly warm while charging.

How accurate do I need to be when mixing the electrolyte?

Reasonably close is good. Too much salt is better than too little.