Make sure you have clean water when you need it


Lightweight, Portable, Complete: The Purinade emergency water filtration system is designed to provide everything needed for water filtration and sterilization. To accomplish this we have incorporated our proven Kold-Fuzion™ Power Cell into a complete portable water filter system hard case. It includes many safety and convenience features making it perfect for field operations - a self-priming 12 volt pump, John Guest quick release hose connections, a sediment screen on the included inlet hose to extend the life of system filters.


Purinade 1000 Kold-Fuzion™ Powered Water Purification

Kold-Fuzion™ 12 volt Power Cell

12 volt 1.2 gmp pump

3' Intake Hose with Strainer

8' Outlet Hose

All Hoses have Quick Disconnect Fittings

Filter Housing Wrench

Hard Case for Storage and Transport

System is Fully Functionable - Ready to Use Right Away

Kold-Fuzion™ 1000-7 12v 1000wH

12v - 1000Wh - 100w

With two output options the Kold-Fuzion 1000-7 is the best way to charge personal electronics, lead acid batteries, and everything in between.



Max Power 100W

Kold-Fuzion™ Charge Controller

The Kold-Fuzion™ controller has short-circuit protection, open-circuit protection, reverse protection, over-load protection. Full 3-stage PWM charge management, improve system efficiency and prolong the life span of your battery.

12v DC, up to 10A

5v regulated USB output, up to 2.5A

The Kold-Fuzion™ 1000-7 Can Charge

Cell phones, USB battery banks, camp lights, speakers, cameras, lead acid batteries, portable power stations and more...