Imagine this:

A devastating hurricane slams the East Coast, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power for days even weeks. Or maybe a tsunami takes out an entire town somewhere overseas, leaving behind millions of people without the electricity they need to make a simple phone call or even produce light. When tragedy strikes, chances are, no one is fully prepared for it. When the lights go out or the cell phone batteries begin to fade away and vanish, there's no escaping the slow, creeping fear crawling its way up the back of your neck. We hope to give the world something new and exciting; an emergency power source that people can carry in their pocket, running on the planet's most abundant resource. This is why we believe our portable battery charger is ideal for emergency situations.

That's why thousands of people everywhere are praising Greenivative Magic G-MAG® portable charger. This is an exciting new product which charges batteries for you by only adding salt and water.

When first responders arrive at the scene, we aim to equip them with the G-MAG® portable charger - the lightweight, easy to use, battery charger that runs entirely on saltwater. With this off the grid charger technology, emergency services are armed with yet another life-changing device, giving disaster victims immediate power to make calls and get in touch with their family. This has been our dream for over 3 years, and today we are proud to say that this dream is now a reality thanks to our off the grid battery chargers.

A little history.

Since the dawn of time, we have been searching for an unlimited power source. Now, finally, we don't have to search any further - saltwater is one of the largest natural resources on the planet. Our G-MAG® portable battery charger produces enough power to charge up to 6 batteries at once. Years ago we developed salt water-powered fuel cells that can charge batteries without the need for any outside electrical power source. The G-MAG® Power Cell was born. It is the future of the portable battery charger. You add salt water, shake, and there you have it-instant emergency power. We make off the grid battery chargers that can save your life. Through a lot of hard work and plenty of trips back to the drawing board, our dream of creating a monumental product that can be used for thousands of applications was finally coming to fruition.

But we didn't stop there.

We took the design and created new and improved units to apply to any battery on the market. We added USB Battery Blocks that could take our recently charged batteries and charge anything requiring a 5 vdc USB Connection. The idea quickly took off at trade shows and "Prepper" conventions, selling out almost immediately. It became crystal clear that our portable homesteading battery charger was going to be hot - and not just limited to disaster scenarios.

The misconception of the "Prepper".

These people aren't quirky as many make them out to be. Most are well educated, patriotic citizens who just want to be prepared for the unforeseeable and potential disasters lurking around the corner. This, to us, is a completely reasonable, logical and smart line of thinking. Stock up on canned goods, clean water or a way to make clean drinking water, light, alternative power and a means for protection. It's always smart thinking to be prepared in the event of a life-changing "worst case scenario" in which you may need to survive off the grid and, in turn, need off the grid battery chargers.

One of the options for light and power is to re-charge batteries and make them work in situations requiring AAA, AA, C, and D sized batteries. An excellent alternative for charging batteries without any additional outside power source is G-MAG®. Being prepared and ensuring yourself and your family's safety should be everyone's number one priority. This emergency battery charger will make sure of just that.

We soon realized that it wasn't just the preppers who were interested in our off the grid charger. At the Dayton Ohio Hamvention we went in with 80 units and the hopes that we could sell a few, only to be blown away that we sold out completely in record time. Folks of all genders and ages who wanted a new and innovative way to power or charge batteries to power their radios and other electronic devices were all over our portable homesteading battery charger. The idea of portable power was spreading like wildfire and becoming a product that more and more people around the world would be highly interested in. It turns out; the Boy Scouts are right - "always be prepared". More and more people across the country and all over the world want to be prepared in the event that something happens to them or their family. This is just plain smart thinking. We strongly feel that our off the grid charger needs to be in the hands of not only emergency personnel but anyone who needs to be prepared as well.

Applications of a portable battery charger, and the mission behind G-MAG®.

On a trip to South America, a colleague of our founder and the creator of G-MAG® portable battery charger witnessed an eye-opening and saddening event.

While standing on a street in a small town, he noticed the distant cracking and snapping of trees becoming louder and louder as a local villager was bushwhacking his way through the forest. After a few minutes, out of the trees, emerged a man carrying a burlap sack, which was filled and draped over his right shoulder like some kind of jungle Santa Claus. With his flip-flops smacking the bottom of his feet, he traversed the last stretch of forest and headed across a large field into the outskirts of a small town laundromat where our colleague was standing. Inside, the villager opened up the burlap sack and revealed a number of cell phones and chargers.

This villager was making one of the necessary trips into town to charge electronics because where he lived, there was no power grid. WIFI was available in his village, but sadly, didn't have the power to keep these electronics running properly. So he traveled to the nearest town (which wasn't that close at all) to use laundromat electricity. Where he lived no electricity meant no power to charge things like cell phones and devices which produced light. Once this information was passed on to our founder, he knew something had to change.

This didn't have to be such an issue and this man didn't have to trek through the jungle like that for power. G-MAG® aims to change all of that. In a world where everyone uses electrical devices, we believe we can offer the portable power that everyone can benefit from. It took over 3 years of molds, designs, and marketing, but our 3rd generation of an emergency battery charger has become a huge success.

Now, men, women, and children who live in remote villages and towns can take advantage of our off the grid battery chargers. This is just one goal we set in motion for our product and just another step closer to saving lives and helping the environment.

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