Purinade™ DC Water Sterilization / Filtration System

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Compact Affordable UV Water Filter System
How our UV Filter System work: InfraTech manufactures compact Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems that purify water without the addition of chemicals. Powered by any 12v power source the Purinade™ system uses a 3-stage purification system. The 1st stage has a water filter that removes sediment to give you clear water. Next the clear water runs through the 2nd stage carbon block filter to remove taste and odor issues which may be present in your water while removing the larger disease-causing microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts. In the final, 3rd stage the water is exposed to germicidal ultraviolet light concentrated in a stainless-steel disinfection chamber effectively destroying bacteria, viruses and organisms which may be present.

Lightweight, Portable, Complete: The Purinade™ emergency water filtration system is designed to provide everything needed for water filtration and sterilization simply add a 12v power source.  It includes many safety and convenience features making it perfect for field operations - a self-priming 12 volt pump, John Guest quick release hose connections, a sediment screen on the included inlet hose to extend the life of system filters.

The Purinade™ can produce 60 gallons of safe and clean drinking water per hour. 

Water Treatment For Your Home and Family: In a disaster or emergency situation, the needs of private individuals and families are not unlike those of emergency responders in the field. It is for this reason that we designed the Purinade™ system to be easy to use. Almost anyone can be trained in under one minute how to operate this UV system.

Portable, Durable, Affordable: Purinade™ comes housed in a rugged waterproof case. Shelf Life = Decades With the excellent stability of the components this system should outlive its owners.

Weighs under 10kg

Purinade™ 1000 Kold-Fuzion™ Powered Water Purification
12 volt 1.0 gpm pump
Unit and Pump are attached to Stand with Carry Handles
8' Intake Hose with Strainer
3' Outlet Hose
All Hoses have Quick Disconnect Fittings
Filter Housing Wrench
Hard Case for Storage and Transport

Filters Included:

SP-P1-478 Spiropure 1 micron

SP-CBR2-5 Spiropure 0.5 micron